Empowering Teachers and Students with Free Coding Resources Felienne #learntocode2024


00:00:00 — Introduction to Diamond Dreamchasers Radio

00:03:04 — Teaching Kids Coding with Python

00:06:14 — Empowering Teachers to Teach Programming

00:09:14 — Python for Beginners: Easy Steps

00:12:05 — Creating Fun and Engaging Lessons

00:15:19 — Community-Driven Learning Platform

00:18:31 — Combining Paper Worksheets with Online Learning

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Felienne is the creator of Hedy, an open-source and free platform that helps kids aged 10 and above learn textual programming in multiple languages. The platform has about 500K users a month, has been translated into 49 languages, including Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish, and has 400+ volunteer programmers, translators, and teachers who continuously improve and maintain it. To teach a child programming, a parent or teacher can use Hedy’s built-in lesson plans or customize their kid’s learning experience by authoring their own lessons and loading these into Hedy’s user interface.

Felienne holds a Ph.D. in Software Engineering and, for 10+ years, has been a strong advocate for finding better ways of teaching programming and guiding the young generation early into the programming world. She is also a professor of computer science education at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the Netherlands and a high-school computer science teacher one day a week at Lyceum Kralingen in the Codasium program, which teaches kids to code. https://podopshost.com/yayadiamond

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