Meet the Authors and Illustrators of Calvin and Cali

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Welcome back to Dream Chasers Radio! 🎤 I’m Yaya Diamond, your host, and today we have a fantastic episode lined up for you. Joining us are Kelly Garrison and her incredible team, who have created ‘The Adventures of Calvin and Cali,’ a series of children’s books that blend entertainment with education. Kelly’s journey began as a college project, and it has since evolved into a beloved series that tackles important issues like child safety. The books follow the adventures of twin calico kittens, Calvin and Cali, who learn valuable lessons through their experiences. One of the standout titles, ‘Never Talk to Strangers,’ teaches children about the dangers of interacting with strangers and provides strategies for staying safe. This topic is particularly relevant in today’s world, where children’s safety is a major concern.

The illustrations by JT bring the stories to life, capturing the attention of young readers. Rachel Otway, an elementary school educator, highlights the importance of early safety education, helping children become aware of their surroundings and potential dangers. These books are perfect for both school settings and homeschooling, offering practical advice and preventive measures for parents and teachers. The upcoming book, ‘Lost at the Mall,’ will explore the scenario of children getting lost in public places, providing useful tips and reassurance. You can purchase these books on Amazon by scanning the QR code that is available. Thank you for joining us, and be sure to follow us on YouTube and Instagram for more updates.


00:00:00 — Introduction to Dream Chasers Radio

00:01:52 — The Adventures of Calvin and Cali

00:03:34 — Teaching Kids About Stranger Danger

00:05:30 — Importance of Reading to Children

00:07:06 — Homeschooling and Safety Measures

00:08:54 — Calvin and Cali’s Mall Adventure

00:10:30 — Where to Buy the Book

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