Get in front of millions of potential customers


Have you always wanted to get in front of millions of people on TV, Social Media, etc… but didn’t know how? I got you!

Yaya Diamonds Dream Chasers Radio has always given the opportunity to get featured on the show and today I have a major opportunity in the works for you. We will be interviewing on the Red Carpet at the Cannon Center on July 23rd at the Iconic Awards.

This opportunity to be a part of the broadcast is something major and is being offered to you by Yaya Diamond.

Get your name and or business name and 1 link in the credits as a sponsor at the end of the show for just $25! There will be grab bags, social media posts, press releases, T-Shirts, and much more for you to participate in. Don’t miss out on this amazin opportunity to get yourself in front of millions.

This will be a pre-recorded event and will be broadcasted across all of Dream Chasers Radio platforms.

For more information email us at

Thank you and don’t forget to dare to be different!

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