Storytelling is the way to success! Interview with Facilitator Sabrina Roc (Interview) Our mission is to transform our current paradigm with an inclusive and connectivity learning approach in our coaching, mentoring and education programs. Furthermore, we thrive to empower human beings with skills and strengths that are within themself. Sabrina is a Haitian Canadian entrepreneur & producer/director. Throughout her career, she has supported various companies as a consultant, producer and project manager in the corporate, educational, entertainment & media industries and worked on several marketing campaigns & programs. Sabrina is a storyteller on a mission to produce, share & monetize socially relevant, diverse stories in new media forms. In 2017, she officially founded Wojack Productions Inc. Her creativity, vision, and innovative storytelling are supported by a passionate commitment to the evolution of the human race. She focuses on projects that drive positive social impact, leveraging storytelling as a powerful tool to transform human consciousness. Sabrina recently got elected to be part of the BC Producer’s Branch Council (CMPA)*. She is working on her first international film, Hood Island, a romantic comedy feature written by Jon Cooksey. She believes storytelling can transform humanity for the better.

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