The 5 best Affiliate Programs for beginners to intermediate


I have always wanted to crack the code of affiliate marketing. I listened to hours of instructors on youtube and read so many articles by searching on Google. Being a person with an inquisitive nature I had to try a few programs that didn’t break the bank, but helped me get started. Below, I think I have cracked the code and want to pass on what I have learned.

* I am using affiliate links below which I will profit from in some kind of way if you decide to purchase or sign up. I appreciate it if you checked each one out as I am hoping that posting this information will help both of us learn and gain some financial freedom. Please don’t hesitate to comment and add your take below. These programs may, or may not, require upfront money but they are so worth it.

The techniques I am going to list below are proven strategies, and if you apply them you can begin seeing results soon. These techniques will have to be used consistently if you want to see significant results so bookmark this page so you can come back when you need to refresh your memory.

Here are my top 5 affiliate programs and how to use them to start making money online:

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