Yaya Diamond interviews Author TR Armstrong

The Power Of Perspective is a collection of affirmations, inspirational words and motivating passages designed to help you overcome those internal and external forces that have been holding you back and keeping you from moving forward. Dealing with negative distractions such as fear, guilt and doubt. Looking deep within yourself to find the strength and courage you need to let go of the the pain of past choices and grab hold of your destiny. Learn to be proactive rather than reactive. With perspective comes wisdom and peace of mind. Allowing you to anticipate when situations will arise that will challenge you to the point of distraction, and interrupt your journey to a more meaningfully and rewarding life.

TR Armstrong – Author & Screenwriter. Divorced Mother of 4. Picked up the pieces after divorce and reclaimed my life by changing my way of thinking. Seeking, gaining and maintaining perspective has completely changed the atmosphere and energy all around me.

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