From the Garden to Patmos: An Engaging Interview with Author Andrew Choi (Youtube interview)

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ABOUT THE BOOK Hope from the Garden of Eden to the End of the Patmos Island, author Andrew presents us with a Bible that shares the hope; discussing the fact that God promised a Messianic hope at the time of fall; Jesus’ crucifixion and the resurrection gives hope the us; how the reconciliation with God would give us a hope. Hope from the Garden of Eden to the End of the Patmos Island is an inspired biblical commentary and spiritual guidebook that explores the biblical narrative from Genesis to Revelation and it should offer readers a way to think about God’s plan and the hope that He has given to all of us through His Son, Jesus Christ. In this life, each person is destined to contend with trials and tribulations. However, we are not alone even though we are forced to face these issues. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Andrew Choi received his doctorate degree in ministry from Houston Graduate School of Theology. He devoted his life to evangelizing the youngsters of Colleges for 15 years, including Seoul National University, UCLA, UC Berkeley, CA, and many other campuses. He served as a US Army Chaplain for 21 years. The highlight of his Chaplain’s ministry was when he served as a community pastor of the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) 1997–1999. His previous book includes Hope from the Garden of Eden to the end of the Patmos Island, On a Stormy Days, and Soar on Wings Like the Eagle. He and his wife, Sarah Choi has two children, Josephine and David.

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