Interview with Hip hop recording artist R.O.M.E.  Podcast

19 Year old New York Hip Hop Recording Artist R.O.M.E. is on the move with his newest release "Lost". Tune in below as Yaya

Diamond interviews this upcoming star.

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Using the Law of attraction  Podcast

Demaka Management Inc.focuses on the topics of technology, innovation and business. (business interviews and Live streaming). Youtube-Interviews with entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, dreamers, doers, business professionals and startup professionals. To show case your business email

Can you really say you know how to get what you want out of life? Do you know that you are already using the law of attraction daily? Find out how to use it, and what it is already doing for you now. 

Join Yaya Diamond in another Red Hot Reality Ent prodcution.

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The taboo of Childhood sexual abuse with Dr. Rosenna Bakari  Podcast

Childhood sexual abuse makes its way into the “Me Too” movement with Rosenna Bakari’s remarkable story 

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – A new voice is entering the national discussion to make sure that adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse can be heard. Dr. Rosenna Bakari is launching her remarkable memoir about living in silence along with a new We2 mission to bring survivors and listeners together. Activist, educator and poet Rosenna Bakari shares her personal experience with incest, growing up in a home in Philadelphia where family members abused her as a child and how she is now empowering fellow survivors to live openly and heal. 

In “Too Much Love Is Not Enough: A Memoir of Silence of Childhood Sexual Abuse”, Bakari writes with pure honesty, sensitivity and, last but not least, inspiring strength. She hides nothing from her readers -- the good, the bad and the ugly. Her effort to love when there is much reason to hate is truly remarkable. The memoir, which marks Bakari’s fourth book, gives an intimate glimpse into what it’s like to live as an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse and why she decided to break her silence. 

“We were never supposed to talk about this, so we didn’t know how,” she says. 

Bakari founded a nonprofit organization, Talking Trees, in 2010 as the first of its kind to encourage survivors of childhood sexual abuse and incest to live openly. The organization began as an online community and has since evolved to include an annual conference for members across the United States. 

Rosenna Bakari earned her Ph.D. in educational psychology from the University of Northern Colorado in 2000, several years after receiving her M.S. in counseling from the State University of New York. She earned her B.S. in psychology from Cornell University in 1984. Her professional career includes drug and alcohol counseling, psychiatric technician, college campus therapist, and teaching at community and four-year colleges. Bakari is currently the executive director of Talking Trees, Inc., a nonprofit empowerment organization for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. As the founder, she has grown the organization to over 5,500 international followers that gather online daily to read her updated post for discussion. In addition to creating online resources to support survivors, Talking Trees, Inc. holds a National Safe Space Day Conference every April 15 to celebrate the resilience of survivors. Talking Trees, Inc. is the first organization to encourage and support survivors living openly to heal. Her newest book “Too Much Love Is Not Enough: A Memoir of Silence of Childhood Sexual Abuse” releases on April 12, 2018. 

About the Book 

“Too Much Love Is Not Enough: A Memoir of Silence About Childhood Sexual Abuse” 

Rosenna Bakari 

Preview Too Much Love Is Not Enough: 

Author Pages: 

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Memoir | Biography 

Rosenna Bakari’s memoir is a UV light that reveals the blood stain of silence - presenting irrefutable evidence that harm has been done in spite of the squeaky-clean surface. Rosenna’s effort to live as if the abuse never happened supported her approach to personal and professional trials, seeing them as obstacles to be overcome, rather than permanent barriers. However, all of the systems upon which she relied deepened her pain. To her dismay, achievements of marriage, financial stability and earning her Ph.D. continuously bumped up against her childhood trauma as she hid thoughts of suicide and accumulating health concerns. She weaved through bitterness and anger in a world that seemed hell-bent on breaking the spirit and believes others can too because trauma should not have the final word.

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Update from international recording artist Suzan Mutesi  Podcast

Rising African-Australian Music Artist, Seasoned Actress and Fashion Designer, Suzan Mutesi has proudly announced the worldwide release of her two latest songs titled ‘Love Others, Love Run, Fishers of Men’. Born in Uganda and based in Australia, the rising artist is getting a phenomenal response from fans around the world and both of her songs are now available on the major music outlets of iTunes and Spotify. In addition to singing and songwriting, Suzan is also an emerging actress, an award-winning fashion designer and stylist. Moreover, she has recently been featured in a Sushi TV Advert that is currently being showcased in all the cinemas across Australia.

“I am overwhelmed by all the love and welcoming response from my fans worldwide on both these songs and these songs basically represent my own faith and believes on the concept of love and what it represents especially right now at a time such as this,” said Suzan Mutesi, while talking about her songs. “My fans that have followed me as a fashion designer have been quiet surprise by my interest in music, I believe I am birthed in the image of the creator,” Suzan continued. “The musical foundations have also been there, for me it was not a huge surprise but more a response of obedience and acceptance of whose I am, my purpose on earth for such at time as this is not dependent on me but to him, Who has given me freely gifts and talents to the honour his name and impact generations with a positive message of love,” she added. Suzan is also known for winning an award as the international Fashion Designer of the Year in 2014 at the Abryan's Award. 

In addition, Suzan is also recognized industry-wide for her role in the irreversible choices 2016 and Gossip nation 2014, while she has also performed featured extra role in movies like The Wolverine working alongside Nicole Kidman, and Hugh Jack man and a stand in The Australian. Suzan also was a regular featured extra on a show that featured on channel 7 Australian series Headland, working alongside Rachael Taylor a Hollywood star who is known for her act in the Transformers. 

Besides her regular TV and Film appearances, Suzan has also hosted several award ceremonies and fashion events. She is Australian-African Fashion Icon and she has inspired women around her with her success and principles, which motivate women to make a difference in the society. She is well-recognized for her work in the fashion industry and her multi-dimensional personality has led her to create amazing music in these two songs that are getting global reception. 

To listen to her music now, please visit: 


Media Contact 
Contact Person: Suzan Mutesi - Artist 
Email: Send Email 
Phone: +61401522050 
Country: Australia 

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Let's talk about credit  Podcast

Latrice Douglas is the CEO of Wealthy Rise- Keep your credit on the rise. She started with a career in banking at the tender age of 19 working as a financial consultant for 7 years. Latrice then moved into an HR career as a recruiter helping others find jobs. She received her certificate in credit repair in May 2016 after working on and rebuilding her own credit successfully and decided to help everyone! Her passion has always been about helping others succeed in life. ” I believe we all deserve to live out our dreams and live the best life possible. I am a woman of many hats, no limits. I am blessed to help others”   

I have helped so many people and it fills my heart with joy! I look forward to changing your life for the better.” 

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When you know that you know  Podcast

Interview with Isha a former foster child, Military Sexual Trauma survivor, formerly homeless, USAF Retired, and most recently, CEO/Founder of "Breaking The Psychle", LLC 

Born in Columbia, SC to a 14 year old mother, Isha K Taylor has had her share of obstacles. Her childhood years were riddled with dysfunction, abuse, abandonment, and pain. The quote, "Life for me ain't been no crystal stair"- Langston Hughes, describes her journey perfectly. Despite various obstacles placed before her, she continues to emerge as a phoenix from the ashes! Renewed, Restored, Empowered and Refreshed every time! Isha is the oldest of 4 siblings, 3 sisters and 1 brother. The mother of 2 young kings Faizon 15, and Isaiah 11. 

"Breaking The Psychle", LLC is currently based out of NYC with hopes of having organizations such as these all over the world. "Breaking The Psychle" is a movement, specifically targeting homeless women here in NYC. However, the message behind the movement is to remove all barriers related to homelessness as a state of mind. To uproot and retill the soil. We must rebuild our foundations with new beliefs systems and habits that enrich our lives and future generations to come.

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Getting past our own imperfections   Podcast

Guest: Krysie K was born in Salisbury, Maryland. Krysie K’s musical influences are Brandy, Aaliyah,and Monica. Krysie K also writes stories and one day will publish a best selling novel. Instagram: KrysieKBaby.

Surprise guest - Dionne Osifekun receives pointers from our very own Yaya Diamond on how to get past her imperfections. Don't miss this episode, it's going to change your life!

Another Red Hot Reality Ent. production.


Making moves in the dark 

There are so many questions as to how it can be done, and so many ways to do it.. What is it you ask? It is anything you want to accomplish during your lifetime. It is the one thing you can't get off your mind, and the very reason you are reading this blog post. It consumes you, and for more than a few moments of each day. 

We all have that it on our minds, and would love to know how to advance it. Do you feel like you are making those moves in the dark? I do sometimes. This is not a very easy thing to do, especially if it is a big goal. Besides the uphill battle, which seems insurmountable, discouraging thoughts can also set in and destroy your progress. 

We must continue with the journey, even thought it may be the one very thing that can break us. When we are broken we are usable, humble, and teachable. 

What can you do to move forward? Continue being diligent and search knowledge. Successful people are people who have gone through what we are going through today, but never gave up. Don't give up, don't give in, don't apologize, and never look back at your journey with regret. 

Be a dream chaser for life! 

Interview with Jeff Hall CEO of Overflow Cafe  Podcast

Jeff Hall is the Founder and CEO of Overflow Cafe. Born in Guyana South America, he moved to Canada in 1983. Jeff has 23 years of business experience. He started working at the age of 7 (yes seven) doing door to door sales to support his family (he has a super strong work ethic). He has helped build 14 orphanages worldwide and has a goal to help build 3 more in Moldova. In his spare time, he loves Game of Thrones, Walking Dead and a good cup of tea. His website is

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Craig Mack, New York rapper on Diddy's Bad Boy label, dead at 46 

I remember where I was the day I first heard Craig Mack, Hallandale Fl. I was just getting out of High School when he began his professional career in the music industry and now he has passed  on. At 46 years of age Craig Mack had accomplished more in his short life than many who are double in years. 

You have to agree, even if you don't favor rap music, he was a dream chaser. 

Here it is, the song that made Craig Mack a rap mogul. RIH

#CraigMackRIP #CraigMackDead #CraigMack #DreamChasersRadio #YayaDiamond

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