Interview with Desire host of 'The Sekrit' 

Video Show ‘Sekrit Of Love, Lust & Lies’ Offers Unconventional Talk on Conventional Relationships 

(January 23, 2018) – Romance isn’t dead yet, and giving it sustenance and new wings to fly is the new blog video show, Sekrit Of Love, Lust & Lies. Hosted by successful actor, hip-hop singer and entrepreneur Desire, the show is where desperate couples receive down to earth, romantic advice to go forth and let love blossom to its ultimate conclusion. Desire’s Sekrit Of Love, Lust & Lies began in 2015, and since then it has worked as an eye opener for men and women who wonder where things are going wrong in their relationship. The advice is timely and essential, and intended for modern day lovers who tend to give up easily. The show will also be of great help to strayed and clueless men and women, revealing to them the way towards a richer, happier relationship. “Love is not the only ingredient in a successful relationship. The other factors people tend to ignore are sacrifice, understanding, trust and several other virtues that are fast disappearing. I am here to offer real solutions and honest advice on relationships to women who need it and men who want it,” says Desire. Desire brings to the show great insights borne out of her life experiences as a Hollywood actor, singer, director and entrepreneurs, and as a loving mother. She preserves her faith in God and herself, which has allowed her to mould herself as the person that she is today. Desire is passionate about plays and has produced many successful dramas. Her talent for the arts and entertainment has helped her clear several obstacles in life. Sekrit Of Love, Lust & Lies aims to be unconventional, revolutionary and useful to all age groups. The show is now available on YouTube (Desire Hustle) and its official website, more information, please visit: The sekrit On YouTube: follow The sekrit

Top 5 reasons to pursue your dreams 

There are so many people who stopped pursing their dreams due to opposition of family, friends, self doubt, etc. How about you? Me? Have you ever discouraged someone because of what you thought to be a high risk career? How about talking yourself out of going for your dreams because everyone in your life has said "you have to face reality" or "you have to have a back up plan"? 

While I am not opposed to having a steady income, but this is not me saying your dreams are to far fetched, this is me saying pay your bills while you go for it. Here are my top 5 reasons for pursuing your dreams. 


Everyone tells you it isn't possible.

This should not discourage you, but put fire under you to move forward. Most people who say it is not possible are themselves discouraged, and want you to join them as to not be lonely in their situation. 

What is your thoughts on this? Do you believe you can't? Do you believe your dreams, goals, are impossible to achieve? Do you believe you are incapable? If you do stop reading this post, it's not for you, but if you know that you know you can then continue. 

At every age there is something you can do to advance your dream. I have heard some say they wanted to be a singer, but found they could not sing. Have faith to know that singing is a part of an industry just like every other career choice is a part of a larger picture. Just because you can't sing doesn't mean you can't be a part of the singers career. Can you write? Produce? Book shows? ETC... Then you can indirectly sing. 


It is always on your mind.

Does this dream bother you day in and day out? Is it always on your mind, in your dreams, everything you see? Then this is your destiny, or maybe you are a piece of the puzzle, but whatever the case pursuing this will complete your reason for existence. 

Don't let this scare you, your dreams may be bigger than you, than life, but not impossible. Every goal begins with a step, so let's begin.


Life seems empty without it.

Your life seems empty without it, your days seem to run into each other, and every time you see something that reminds you regret sets in. There is no where to run, no where to hide, and regret will always be your companion. This means just one thing, you have not choice other than to pursue this dream, if you don't pursue your dream it will eat you inside out. 


You can see yourself living the dream

Have you seen the end results of your dream? Do you see yourself being successful? Have you looked in the mirror and received an award? Do you give advise to others as to how they should go about accomplishing their goals, but don't take the advise yourself? This is a clue that you have the know about, but also you are a bit nervous to take the leap. Just know if you have how to advise for others, then you are ready to implement your own dreams. Just look at yourself and begin taking the advise you give to others. 

You have it written down. 

If you have written your goals down then you have taken that first step, congrats. Beginning is half the battle, but also the beginning of a journey. Don't get scarred, nervous, or discouraged because of the challenges you will ultimately face during this adventure, it's all part of the journey. Put your big boy/girl pants on because there will be those, even those close to you, that will try to oppose your quest, but don't let it bother you. 

Remember why you began in the first place. Let me let you in on a secret that no one told me when I began my journey. "No" is going to become the most popular word you will hear during this adventure, and "Yes" will be alluding at times. I have learned that neither guarantees success or help, and neither of these answers are always final. People are afraid of the unknown, and you are going to face this every day of your life from the moment you decide to take this journey. 

The most authentic answer I have ever received was neither a yes or a no, but "Let us see what happens". It was a promise to work, a motion to move, a moment of clarity, and a certainty of uncertainty, but it was the most beautiful answer I had ever heard. To be clear, your dream will have stages so be sure to reward yourself for every step, either forward or backwards. You will learn a lot, and sometimes the lesson seems to be in defeat, but I will give you a pointer. There is no such thing as failure! Lessons are to be learned, redirection takes place in everyday life and business, and when something doesn't work take a different approach or path altogether. We are all learning and life is a teacher by way of your goal. When you get an "F" on a paper you don't stop taking the class you just try harder. 

I hope this has encouraged you to go after your goals, and remember 

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.  - Tim Notke

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Yaya Diamond presents Michael T Scott and his music  Podcast

Michael T Scott and his music is 100% inspired by Christ Jesus. His music gives a chance for people to understand, truth, and transformation into who you truly are through Christ. 

Whether it's speaking through rhythm's in music or meeting people around Juneau, Alaska, Michael will say that Christ can always be there because the people are willing to let Him in their lives. 

Michael T Scott and his music reflect his life and relationship he has with Christ. He plans to share his thoughts about who Christ is with everyone in the world.

  1. Michael T Scott Interview

Our network book is underway! 

Dream chasers is putting together a book! Calling all fellow dream chasers we need your info. Please send all info to the following email address with subject line: Book. Business/stage name, Business type/Genre, Website, 45 word description of business, and contact number. 
Thank you for being a dream chaser. If you would like to donate to our cause please go to our homepage and make a donation.  Advertisement opportunities available

Interview with Author Joan Jessalyn Cox  Podcast


  Joan Jessalyn Cox Bio and

Joan Jessalyn Cox is the former editor of International Christian News. She has been 

keynote speaker at Women's conferences, and spoke at Christian Writer's Conferences. 

Joan has taught foundational truth and deliverance in bible studies, and counseled people 

with spiritual needs, and for deliverance. Joan has authored several books and is currently 

writing the Foundational Faith In Truth Series. 

                         The Foundational Faith In Truth Series are books on a mission: 

To get the absolute truth of God's word for indepth bible studies, into as many hands as possible. 

To revive faith in Jesus Christ, through thorough understanding of God's voice of truth. 

To help each Christian to know the absolute truth of who Jesus Christ is, and why matters to you. 

How to have heart-felt Godly love, hope, loyal faith and the blessing that are reserved for every Christian, in the benefits of Jesus Christ's promises. 

To know and accept your Godly heritage that is reserved for you when you understand and obey God's truth in compassionate, charitable love. God's heart felt love is given in compassionate concern for others well being. 

Start your journey into your own spiritual maturity now! Get on the right road to the fullness of God's own voice of truth. In the book of Revelations in the Bible it tells what God hates, and at the top of the list is the deceitful use of God's own words. Humanity has so distorted the word of God, they have become more like the world and less like Jesus Christ. Until you return to the full truth of God's word, you will still remain confused, and out of alignment with the word of God, and his Holy Spirit. 

  1. Interview with Joan Jessalyn Cox

Interview with Avi of  Podcast


It all got started when my friends and I were sitting in Royal Pig, a bar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our server, I think her name was Brittany, was waiting on us and she was doing a fantastic job, which really helped pick me up from a down day at the office. As I was talking to my friends I began to wonder how I could reward Brittany? I really wanted people to be able to come visit her because she was simply awesome. There needed to be a way other people could see how awesome she was​. There needed to be a way for great servers to separate themselves from average ​and bad ​servers, there needed to be a way for great servers to separate themselves from some of the other average servers. 

I wanted her to get the recognition she deserves, but thought that to posting it on my Facebook page would have reached only a small amount of people ​who know me personally. That’s when I thought of creating the​ ​Tapped app! Regardless of the quality of food and ambiance, the service and experience a bartender or server provides can make or break your overall experience and enjoyment. 

Tapped is a much needed tool for customers, servers and businesses alike. ​Download TappedApp and say I'm Tapping it!


1. Website: or 

2. Mobile App Available as TappedApp on iOS and Android 

3. Link to video - short 

4. Link to video- long 

5. Our IG page: Tapped Inc 

6. Our FB Page : Tapped app 

7. Our twitter page Tapped Inc @tappedappinc

  1. Interview Tapped inc

SW Florida local Bands and upcoming events 

Tune in as Yaya Diamond heads us another show "Music around Town". This is jus the beginning! We will be adding more cites for local bands as well as surprised visits from award winning acts as well. Keep your eyes and ears opened for this show, as Yaya Diamond takes local music back to the top of the list of things to do around town.

Interview with Farrah and Tamara Mechael  Podcast

Farrah and Tamara Mechael. Farrah is just released her new single Farrah Please on Itunes, Amazon etc. Their reality show that premeired on Nov 1st on Youtube called Knot Normal.

  1. Knot normal tv interview

Interview with Entrepreneur Levan Blackwell  Podcast

Levan Blackwell is the Founder and Owner of Black Cube Entertainment. While serving our country he is also following his dream of writing and publishing books, films, and collaborating with other writers. His website launch is Nov. 3, 2017 

Talking about inspirational, Mr. Blackwell takes a moment to visit our show and tell us about his journey thus far. Lets listen in.

  1. L. Blackwell interview

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