From Paris to Hollywood: Author P.L. Hawks creative inspiration (Youtube Interview) In 1972 the world still lives in the wake of chaos created by the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the Vietnam War rages on. After a young farmboy by the name of Templeton Hawks escapes an infamous Vietcong prison camp, unprecedented events are set into motion as he makes his way home after many years of being presumed dead. When he finally returns to his Texas hometown, Natalie, the girl he left behind, is overcome by the happiness of discovering him alive. But their joy is soon disrupted by the unexplainable abduction of Natalies four year old daughter. Feeling his return and the disappearance of the little girl are somehow connected, Temp sets out on an elaborate search for the child. As he pieces together the terrifying clues and dodges the suspicions of a wily police lieutenant, Temp must avoid an array of deadly traps set before him by using his knowledge of the past, the gifts of his physical prowess and the superior abilities of his cunning mind. The search for the four-year-old soon becomes a labyrinth of mystery leading him through the dark streets of Dallas Texas and finally to a clandestine state of the art security compound hidden deep within the city. Temp soon discovers that the truth of JFKs death lies not with Lee Harvey Oswald, but with a child who wasnt born until five years after the presidents murder — -Natalies little girl, Paris.

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