Interview with Author Zarina Garrison

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About the Author:

Zarina Garrison has presented the world over on topics like grief, recovery and academic research. When she is at home, she enjoys teaching her children the value of community through volunteer work. Garrison is also an avid lover of the arts, and teaches a taiko drumming class in her spare time. Her doctorate is in organizational leadership, but she also has a background in linguistics that she hopes to use to travel to all seven continents someday.

About the book:

This is not one of your standard meditate-through-the-pain-self-help books. This is the story of a real womans journey through two very difficult situations: surviving the loss of a spouse, and still managing to complete her PhD. Each one of these paths individually is challenging, but to walk them simultaneously is harrowing. Read a book that describes the circumstances leading to a relatively happy 30-something married mom becoming a single mom, student, and widow. See her evolution from dazed mourner to accomplished scholar and enjoy the quirky humor, poetry, and stories she shares along the way. This book will not provide you with the one answer to deal with grief, but it will reassure you that there are many things you can try on your own journey.

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