From History Professor to Storyteller: Paul’s Author Journey #authorinterview

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The Many Adventures of Donnie Malone takes readers into the events that helped shape the American twentieth century. They begin when sixteen-year-old Donnie gets caught up in the patriotic swirl of World War I. Enlisting in the U.S. Army, he becomes a pilot during the deadly days at the end of the fighting. The stakes in Donnie’s life are just as high after the war. He wrestles with wealthy investors and powerful politicians who have designs on his air delivery business.

He is hired to drive a cab for an ambitious mobster and works at assorted dead-end jobs until he bumps into the man who taught him to fly, American ace Eddie Rickenbacker, and it changes his course. Later he befriends detainees in a Japanese internment camp, becomes enmeshed in labor struggles, and dodges McCarthy agents. During the Vietnam era, having seen enough war, Donnie helps several young men avoid the draft by flying them to Canada. Woven throughout Donnie’s adventures are the threads of a rich family life, and contentment even in times of travail. Dive deep into the heart and soul of a storyteller with Paul’s interview on Dreamchasers Radio.

📻💬 His passion for history and knack for storytelling culminate in his novel, ‘The Mini Adventures of Donnie Malone’. The book captures the essence of an era defined by change and struggle, told through the lens of a character who embodies the spirit of adventure and the complexity of human emotions. Paul’s background as a historian enriches his fiction, making his work a treasure trove for readers who crave a story grounded in reality yet elevated by the power of imagination.

⏱️⏱️VIDEO CHAPTERS⏱️⏱️: 00:00:00 — Meet Author Paul: A Storyteller’s Journey from History Professor to Fiction Writer 00:02:43 — From World War One Flyers to Fiction: The Inspiration Behind Donnie Malone’s Character 00:05:27 — Crafting Historical Narratives: How Teaching Influences Paul’s Writing Process 00:08:02 — Themes of War and Family in Donnie Malone’s Adventures: An Author’s Insight 00:10:31 — The Importance of Staying Active: Balancing Reading, Softball, and Writing 00:13:07 — Integrating Research and Baseball History into Fiction: Paul’s Unique Approach 00:15:46 — Leaving a Legacy Through Teaching and Writing: An Interview with Paul ⚡ VidChapter AI generated these chapters, try it out Recommended podcast platform get 10% off:

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