The IRS owes you more money and they know it with Beverly Neal-Clinton (Youtube interview)

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The recent state of the economy due to roaring, unbridled inflation is spiraling even further downward and no one sector has been more impacted than the African America community. The present administration released the Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR) to send gas prices down from $5 a gallon to $3.65, as a political move before the November elections. As soon as the elections are over they will close the SPR and California will spike to $7 per gallon and the Northeast will see $6.25 per gallon. The rest of the nation will be in the $5.50$6.00 corridor. This will significantly impact many Americans as their financial stability is derailed by inflation. Core inflation comprised of gas, commercial transportation, utilities, medicine etc. has created an out-of-control price layer followed by kitchen table inflation components of food, clothing, rent, mortgages, doctor visits…just another daunting challenge for the mothers who guide the direction of most households. This latest 9-month run up of inflation will carry to 9%+ in the last quarter of 2022 but it will take 3–4 years of strict government cuts to bring it back down. Thus, the outlook until 2025 looks very cloudy, if not disastrous. But there is a remedy and it comes from the most unlikely of all sources…the U.S. Tax Code. It is the Tax ZERO Plan (TZP) was by designed by Dr. Maguire d34 years ago for Wall Street brokers when the highest tax bracket was 46%. But now this plan finds its second act as taxpayers can use the same elements of the tax code that Wall Street uses and it will erase any impact of inflation whatsoever. When this plan is applied it raises your spendable capital by nearly 70%. Thus, thoroughly eliminating any impact of inflation whatsoever in your life. The TZP will allow single people to pay ZERO TAX on their first $74,458 of income while married people will pay ZERO TAX on $94,645.


  • You will have a pension plan ($41,000 allowable annual contribution) for both you and your spouse.
  • *Children will have deductible college funds and IRA’s. *Section 105 medical plan.
  • *And when gas is $6–7 a gallon, you will write-off the cost of gas, your car payment, insurance, tires, maintenance, repairs and tolls *Your home office allows deduction of a substantial portion of your rent or mortgage.
  • *You will also enjoy other numerous write-offs for business expenses such as travel. meals, entertainment, continuing education held on a cruise ship and the family business meeting held in the Magic Kingdom.
  • *Tax-deductible groceries will be another channel of your learning segment. And dozens of other tax-reducing strategies.
  • The tax plan we craft for you comes strictly from the U.S. Tax Code and is completely annotated with the IRC Codes of validation. Lastly, the Tax ZERO Plan applied over a 25 year span will reduce taxes by $650,000 and build retirement income of $925,000. For purposes of time, let me pose 6 quick questions: I have 6 quick questions for you:
  • 1. From what you have seen or read, do you find value in this plan?
  • 2. Do you believe this plan can greatly reduce the effects of inflation?
  • 3. Do you think it can be a start in closing the income equality gap?
  • 4. Do you think every African American can benefit from this plan?
  • 5. Do you think it is important that they should know about this plan?
  • 6. If getting this information in front of all of our people should be a Crusade, will you join in?

We understand if you are spreading this message to our people it will involve some of your time and we have a compensation package for you to earn substantial income. And all that income you earn will be tax=free because you will use your tax plan to write it all off. The Tax zero Plan is in a sense a reparations juggernaut for us. We do not need anyone’s permission to use it or have limitations on how much we can use it, Do you think the Tax Code was written for you? Of course, it wasn’t. It was written by politicians for themselves, rich friends and big corporations that pay these politicians $200,000 to show up and give a speech. Actually, the governing class of this nations hopes you never learn anything about the Taz XERO Plan because they want the middle-class and lower middle class to keep paying taxes, so them and their corporate buddies don’t have to pay any. So, if you do not utilize the Tax ZERO Plan, you are electing to stay right where they wanted you in the first place.

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