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Interview with Author Sola Togun-Butler  

Sola Togun-Butler is an Assistant Professor in the Human Services Department at St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn, NY. She is also a licensed clinical social worker in the state of New York and Ohio. She has been in the field of social work for over 15 years and has experience in mental health services, medical social work, substance abuse, foster care, gerontology and foster care prevention. She is actively involved in mission work in developing countries, and established the Victoria Ibironke Togun Scholarship fund to provide educational opportunities to young girls in developing countries. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Brooklyn College, a Master’s degree in Social Work from Silberman School of Social Work and a PhD in Education from Northcentral University. 

She immigrated to the United States with her immediate family in 1988. The book “Where Do You Keep The Lions? An African Girl’s First Day of School in America is loosely based on her own experience as a young African immigrant attending an American school for the first time. She was confronted with many stereotypes and negative comments about Africa. In addition to writing the book, she conducts free presentations entitled, “Challenging Myths about Africa” to show others a different perspective on the African continent. The book highlights the importance of cultural diversity and awareness by encouraging children to ask polite questions when curious about other cultures.

Interview with Amervis López  

Amervis López is content with her life. She lives with her brother and grandmother in a twentieth-century community. She enjoys learning, partaking in authentic home cooked meals, playing at the park, going out with her grandmother, and being an inquisitive child who routinely explored her surroundings. When her grandmother dies, her life is turned upside down. Consequently, the perpetually abused and neglected at-risk youth is forced to navigate dangerous streets as she struggles to survive and cope with one loss after another. 

While she cared about her mother, the woman who gave birth to her felt like a stranger in her home. She spent most of her life moving from one row home to another. Armed with a masculine butch-like stature, Amervis’ mother was not a woman to be trifled with. When her Billy Boy persona took over, she brawled with the best of them, and many cowered at the mention of her name. 

Unfortunately, Amervis experienced the Billy Boy character firsthand when it spilled over into her own life. None of her mother’s personalities had any real interest in raising children, let alone the two she abandoned years earlier. Amervis commits the effort to gain acceptance into the city’s most esteemed public school. Yet, prior to her junior year, she inched closer toward the certainty that she would never make it to prom, let alone graduate. 

Her mother’s response to Amervis witnessing her use of crack crushes Amervis’ minuscule sense of self-worth and security, triggering behaviors completely out of line with who she was at her core and had envisioned herself becoming. Without support, fear consumed Amervis’ thoughts. It was relentless in its pursuit and dogged in its determination to devour any optimistic beliefs of moving beyond the arid terrain of the brutal Badlands. 

As she confronts one impediment after the next, she makes choices that cause her situation to become progressively worse. While Amervis fought for her sanity and freedom, she fixated on dropping out of Central. Thoughts of failure permeated through the constructs of her mind and she blamed her environment and her mother for the limitations she’d encounter. 

Throughout her journey, Amervis starts to acknowledge that continuing to entertain distractions was never going to get her any further than where she remained in life. She eventually creates a strategy and character armor that shields her from giving in to the day-to-day pressures of living on a street corner. 

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Yaya Diamond interviews Felicia Owens   




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Interview with Author Tiberia Morris 

Seeing the positive side of things is where it's at! For sure it is not always easy, and with great expense to our ego at times, but ultimately it pays to stay positive. Tune in to see how our host and guest took the positve side of things and turned it into a career. 

Ever wanted to know what really happens before, during and after weight loss surgery? Well, look no further. In her second published work, author Tiberia Morris takes readers behind the scenes as she chronicles her decision to undergo gastric sleeve surgery. Morris candidly discusses hitting rock bottom at a Broadway performance, overcoming her addiction to food and emotional eating and shedding relationships, old belief systems and toxic thoughts along with over 100 pounds of physical weight. If you have ever contemplated having weight loss surgery, Morris offers well-researched information as well as personal experiences and advice. This book finally puts to rest the notion that bariatric surgery is the easy way out. Because anyone who's ever gone under the knife in the name of weight loss knows that only the courageous and consistent thrive. FB: Tiberia Morris 

When you know it's not enough  

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Michelle Areaux (A-rue) is a young adult fiction writer whos  works include historical thrillers that brings readers back to the world of the paranormal with a new twist. And all social media under the Michelle Areaux. 

Charu has been playing the piano since the age of five, and performing since the age of nine. She won an international piano competition at the age of 15. Their debut album, “Lollipops for Breakfast," launched in November, with original music composed by Suri, and won a Global Music Award.  Insta: CharuSurimusic 

In this SECOND EDITION of her book, Dawn A. Witte weaves a beautiful tapestry of words to live by and reminds us we never know the impact our words can have on someone else. We all have the power to make someone's day a little brighter or a little worse.

Yaya Diamond interviews multi talented John James Santangelo Phd  

 John James Santangelo PhD, nationally acclaimed speaker, author, and executive business coach, has been a guiding force in empowering individuals, businesses, and corporations to excel at peak performance. 
John is a foremost authority in success principles and expert in the field of communication, an NLP trainer, and a clinical hypnotherapist. He has worked with companies such as The Learning Annex, Los Angeles Sheriffs Dept., Mary Kay Inc, Multiple-Sclerosis Society, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Well-Point, Xerox, RE/MAX Realtors, the Teamsters Union, and the US Army counter-intelligence team. 
Whether you’re looking to eliminate negative thinking, achieve your goals, increase your sales performance, or truly take your life to the next level... 
John can help you achieve that success! For more information or to hire John for your net event, or call (888) NLP-COACH.


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Yaya Diamond interviews Randy Zak  


Hear What Randi Zuckerberg, Former Facebook Marketing Manager & 
Sister of Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg, Had To Say About 
​Randy Zak! 

The Big Lies Internet Marketers/Gurus Tell You In Order For Them To Charge You thousands Of dollars For Their Training's.  These are nothing but false beliefs they try to implant in your minds.  I'll break them down for you:      

  1: They say you need an email list, sales funnels, landing pages, tracking and conversion tools, and spend money on ads, PPC, Facebook etc...  

  My Answer: You don't need any of that in order to build a highly successful business and brand. In fact i'll show you how to do it without spending any out  of pocket money on advertising. That's right! FREE... and fast all within 90 days or less! 
I'll show you how How to get $3 million dollars’ worth of Free Marketing/Advertising or more. 

  2: They say you need to be great at copy writing and sales. 
  My Answer: No you don't, This is another false belief. They just want to keep up-selling you on services you don't need. Shame on those internet marketers and gurus. 
  3: They say you need the mindset of the super wealthy and a top business mentor that you should pay thousands of your hard earned $$$ to in order to make it big and live the american dream. 
  My Answer:  Again i say, NO NO NO! You don't need to adopt any wealthy persons mindset, you have all you need to succeed within yourself. Once anyone succeeds, you become confident, you naturally manifest a powerful mindset, you become unstoppable with your visions and dreams. You are your own best mentor, no need to spend thousands on those fake gurus/marketers. And that's why i came out with a solution to help you for less than $100. Yes! I'm the only one whose giving back in a huge way to help you, because i'm tired of those in my industry ripping people off and not really helping the ones who really need it the most, the masses. I'll teach you how to use traditional media to get everything you want using TV, Radio, Magazines & Newspapers without spending any out of pocket money like you would on internet ads. 

Keys To Your Kingdom LLC is the brainchild of Founder Randy Zak, a Seasoned Marketer, Speaker, Author, Investor, Tech developer, Entrepreneur in his own right. and known as the "World's #1 Marketing & Celebrity Status Branding Coach".  
He created this to give the masses an edge up and be able to make their dreams and visions a reality without spending out of pocket money on marketing & advertising. 
Mr. Zak’s journey began with the building of his own marketing company, where he gained frontline experience working with small business owners and entrepreneurs. 
He provided a variety of services designed to help these small business owners to increase traffic and sales via client-specific internet marketing strategies, and didn’t take long to show noticeable results and help them thrive. 
He also spent a great deal of time traveling around the US to do private business coaching sessions and to hold speaking engagements, while also still finding time to author his own book called “Keys To Your Kingdom”. 
These experiences allowed Mr. Zak to put together a versatile business skill set -but they also uncovered quite a gap in the entrepreneurial market. He quickly came to realize that an affordable, engaging solution that appealed to the masses -even the youngest, most cash-strapped entrepreneurs -was missing on the market. 
Being a Publicity enthusiast as well, he then went on a selfless quest to solve this issue using Traditional Media as a main marketing tool, in a way that could educate and help business hopefuls build their brands with celebrity status and sky rocket their profits almost instantly, within 90 days or less. 
As the founder of Keys To Your Kingdom LLC, Mr. Zak has a goal to transform as many lives as possible, to create a movement for those who he trains, he calls this movement “Our Movement”.  
This is bigger than all of us, the bigger picture is to make a great change in the world not just human needs. He can’t do this all by himself, he needs all of you to join forces with him and make this change together so we can transform this planet we live on to a better place for all of us who exist now and for the future newborns. “ We must think generations & light years ahead” He says.​

To be a shoulder or not to be a shoulder 

There is nothing like a person who, when you see them, complains every time you see them. What do you do? How do you act? What do you say? Will they listen? There are more questions than answers sometimes, but most of the time they want company in their misery and complaining. They don't want to know about you, they are just wanting to vent and then leave you with the stress of it all. 

Here is my advise. If you will to be their friend, remain a shoulder to cry on, then make sure you realize they are not asking for your help, they just need to talk. When you are that shoulder, remember not to take on their issues, it will only frustrate you, but release their issues and continue with your life. I have had much experience with trying to solve the issue, but in the end they will do what they want and most of the time it is not what they should do. 

It is not easy listening to them gripe about their continued issues, not listening to your sound advise, and repeating the same thing over and over again, sometimes for months, even years on end. Don't set yourself up for failure, just let them gripe, complain, and then get on with your life. In the end everything will either work out for them, or you will have to move on and will no longer be able to be that shoulder. For those who don't want to be the shoulder, speak up and let them know you can't take on their issues, especially if they don't want to tackle them themselves. 

Well that is all for now, but remember you have complete control of our own life so live it! 

Until next time,

Yaya Diamond™

Yaya Diamonds interview on Vigilantes Radio 

Grammy Nominated Vocalist, Writer, Performer & Podcast Host, Yaya Diamond, stops by, Vigilantes Radio's "Inside The Music" Series to chat with Dini about the real Yaya Diamond, defining her signature sounds, & the moment in time, where the pursue of music became her life. To find out, set your reminders, it's happening! 07/05/2018 | @12PM CDT | Call in at 701-801-9813 | You can also hop in the mix by visiting and slapping that "Go Live" button | Please follow our show at & remember sharing is caring! Thanks for your continuous support! 

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