"Failure only exists when you quit, but if you keep going you are successful indeed!' ~ Yaya Diamond”

 Yaya Diamond Fragrance Collection

Type: Eau de Parfum

Yaya Diamond- Refresh For Men


Top Notes: lemon, bergamot, star fruit, cardamom, rosewood,lavender, mandarin, juniper

Middle Notes: cedar, tarragon, pepper spice, sage, balsams, jasmine, angelica

Base Notes: woodsy notes, musk, saffron, amber, sycamore,patchouli, oakmoss,  


Yaya Diamond- Sexy For Women


Top Notes: peach, apricot, black currant, raspberry, bergamot, lavender, mandarin, juniper

Middle Notes - citrus, carnation, cinnamon, jasmine, angelica

Base Notes: benzoin, balsam,  amber, patchouli, oakmoss, musk

Yaya Diamond- Flowers For Women


Top Note: Rose

Middle Notes: cucumber, jasmine, rose, freesia, orchid

Base Notes: musk, sandalwood, patchouli


Ingredients: 100% Natural Perfume Oil for the body and Boston Perfumery Body Splash Solution. 

Directions: Apply to Wrist, Neck, and behind Ear Lobes.

Caution: For External Use Only. 

It has been a journey for sure but well worth it. I am still singing and getting ready to work with some amazing songwriters, producers, and musicians to put out another quality project. I am not sure yet what to call it, but be on the lookout for it in 2022. 

In the meantime please take a moment to subscribe to my youtube channel, follow me on facebook, and let's get to know each other during my interview, live tutorials, and social media events. 

I will begin to place my events on my calendar here on this site for all of my doings, musical and podcasts alike, so I can get to know you better as well. Thank you so much for all of your support! 


Tune in right here aug. 4th at 4pm for Yayas live interview with celebrity recording aritst Gene Noble

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