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In February of 2015, Primo and Nancy Galicia went to a Natural Grocers for their annual anniversary and sampled Pur Java coffee concentrate. After tasting Pur Java we both looked at each other and knew if we started our own manufacturing facility, we could really improve the taste of the concentrate and coffee soda. At the time we were not aware that TenBack, Inc., was thinking about getting out of the coffee business. After months of talking with TenBack, Inc. owners, they asked us, if we wanted to buyout their coffee division. We all said yes, then purchased Pur Java from TenBack, Inc. in May 2015. We immediately went to work in the facility improving the quality of the coffee with our roasting techniques. In September of 2015, we took our improved Pur Java concentrate and Joe Fizz Coffee Soda to Hy-Vee Inc. supermarket, Health Food Associates/Akins and Vitamin Cottage/Natural Grocers stores. After signing proper vendor agreement we began to supplies the chain stores with our products in the Midwest Area and we all celebrated our largest commercial deals.

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