Yaya Diamond Interviews Rapper Wise

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Wise is A rapper bron in 09 11 1992 in Clinton nc he now live in Brooklyn New York he is also a boxer/Mma fighter this young man has talent in his mind and his hands he has two songs one of the names of the song is call the Black Woman’s Worth this song was made to empower the black woman mentally and spiritually. rapper wise is all about Telling the African-American woman that she is worth more then gold the African American woman are some of the brightest minds on the planet that’s what you will feel when you hear the song call the black woman’s worth he also have a song out call the Black Child At War and this song he talk about bringing together Africans in America and making them strong and stop anyone that try to stop a black movement like ignorant rappers if you like to buy anyone of them songs email at :wisemind700@gmail.com. Or Facebook link https://m.facebook.com/Wise-1676840272631402/ or the song black child at war it is in retail stores like Spotify iTunes Amazon and many more link to video of the black woman’s worth http://certifiedbootleg.com/videos/music-videos/the-black-woman-worth

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