Interview with author Nicole Draffen of Hyphened-Nation 

Nicole Draffen is a builder, a fixer and a challenger. I love tearing things apart to understand them, and then try to prove or disprove their merit. This allows me to move through life with an air of certainty about what I know, and also what I don’t know. So naturally when I lived abroad, the social and cultural consciousness of the people I met, and the things I observed inspired my natural inclination to understand and study the value of cultural norms. The more I traveled overseas, the more I grew to understand certain aspects of the American perception of culture. My journeys inspired me to write a book. 

However, when I’m not making plans on how to change the world, you can find me in my garden tending to a vast variety of plants, Feng Shui-ing everything in sight, pursuing my passion of collecting old paintings, attending jazz festivals, antiquing and running. I truly believe each of us can achieve whatever we set out to do, if we are determined, and remain positive.








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