Interview with working for GOD Sharon Madubuike 

My name is Sharon Madubuike, am a lover of God and i pursue my life and plan according to God's will for me since i embraced God. i don't try to do anything with my strength or by myself.everything i try to do in life if God has not asked me to or give me a good sign to forge ahead, i don't! 
I have my first degree in communication from a uk university. i have 2 functioning companies in west Africa, but right now 'it's all about God and what He wants me to do. Am an author of 2 books. I call myself God's errand girl, God has amazed me so much that i wouldn't want to live my life without him or have it any other way. 

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We are currently running a giveaway in West Africa Nigeria this week, we believe in helping one human at a time and we are hoping to expand Gods work and help more people out their in the u.s.a and all over the world. we have youth empowerment program to educate the youth on how to stand and be Creative and help themselves and not wait solely on the government. 
i believe in the Caption 'the Big is in the Small'




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