Co-Host of The MortgageWISE Radio Show Randy Chambliss on Mortgage and money 

Randy Chambliss (NMLS# 145175) is the Executive Director of Louisiana Housing Authority, Corporate Mortgage Branch Manager with Geneva Financial, Real Estate Developer, Financial Educator, Speaker, and Co-Host of The MortgageWISE Radio Show and Video Podcast. 

Mr. Chambliss comes from being an at-risk youth growing up in the city of New Orleans, struggling teenage father, being homeless in 2005 doing Hurricane Katrina to buying his first home and investment property in 2006 (at the young age of 26) to building and managing a multi-million dollar financial & real estate organization. 

As an established real estate and mortgage expert, Mr. Chambliss has become a trusted housing advocate in the communities he serves. He is a proud husband and father, so he firmly believes that a strong relationship with the Most High God and family are the most important parts of his life. In addition, he believes that mindset development, financial education, and homeownership, can be an essential part of building generational wealth. 

Mr. Chambliss has been a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator since 2008, so he has been around the real estate and mortgage industry and is well versed in all the changes that have come and gone.

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